JTP (Juana Trading Program)

* Free membership – not a network marketing program

* A program aimed at encouraging the buyer to convert his purchase into money. This program represents a contract between Juana Trading and the member.

* Every purchase worth more than 400 peso added 20 points. Each point is one peso.

* The member can withdraw the money as a goods when it is more than 1,000 points or as she/he want. We are advised the member when it is 20 thousand points. But the choice is in the hands of the member rather than Juana Trading

Can I add points from another member?

Yes. If you have a friend or relative who is member in this program wants to add points to you. Friends or relatives can bring together these points.

Can my membership expire?

When you take your points, the program begins again with your first new purchase.

Can I leave the program?

Yes, and you can take your points whatever their value.

Which merchandise includes the program?

All merchandise sold by Juana Trading is included in this program.

Do multiple types of goods that I buy have the same points?

Yes, no matter what goods you buy, you add points?

Can I take my points with each bill?

Yes, you can.

How do you calculate points?
Each 400 pesos = 20 points